Astor Street House Gallery

Circa 1929, Edward P. Russell Residence, 1444 North Astor Street, Chicago Illinois

Circa 1929, Front Entry Detail, (note: paint sample detail on side of lead coated metal door)

July, 2007 1444 North Astor Street, Chicago Illinois

Heavily coated painted hardware, deteriorated lead caming to be replaced

Window bay, broken spandrel detail result of structural deficiency.

Example of corrosion found on steel casement windows.

Extensive corrosion  and stress cracks as a result of the pressure from the sagging window bay.

Examination revealed deviation from the Holabird and Root blue print of grossly undersized, improperly anchored, cantilevered steel angle support, the root of the bay window problem.

Reconstruction of the window bay’s structural support.

Due to the constant motion of the window bay, not only did it sag move downward, but it also moved out, away from the building, between the first and second floor.  Steps were taken to secure the bay by installing a temporary beam and clamp system that allowed it to slowly be pulled in at the same time it was being jacked up; putting it back into the proper position.

Bolted and welded fixture reinforces the critical connections at the second and third floor decks.

New stainless steel connections of the now properly aligned joint between the first and second floor.

The construction of an adjoining parking garage, (circa 1960) poured against the residence, put pressure on the stone and blew it apart, north of the service entrance.  Repairs of unmatched stone appear to the right of the service entrance.

Spall due to years of water damage causing the steel anchor to rust and the stone to break.

Detaching dutchman repair, using an un-matched limestone.  Painting was not a solution for matching the stone.

Stone cleaning in process

Chemical poultice treatment draws the copper stains out of the stone. Note: to the left, cleaning revealed the mismatch dutchman and poor color match of the tuck pointing mortar.

Completed window featuring restored brass hardware and new lead camed window panels.

Completed façade including newly fabricated fencing and restored slate sidewalk detail.

Exterior project complete

Featured in the June-July 2010 issue of Old House Journal

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