Preserve, Restore, Construct

General and Restoration Contracting

As a licensed general contractor in the City of Chicago, RW Keys & Son prides itself on attention to details and customer satisfaction. They will work diligently to create the most pristine of structures and repair with expertise.

Window Restoration

RW Keys & Son focuses on art glass, antique glass and aging window frames as well as casements. We can bring the light back into your space while keeping the original features. Large, fragile, broken — we can restore and improve the focus of your property.

Wood Stabilization and Carpentry

We have the experience and skills to consolidate, replace, repair and/or fabricate any size and type of architectural wooden feature of your project. We straighten and stabilize, fabricate missing pieces, and restore with seamless repairs.

Plaster Restoration

From ornamental ceiling moldings, to exterior capitals our plasterers can replace centuries of wear and tear with precision and detail. RW Keys & Son is highly versed in the history of plaster molding and architectural features, they’re skills in artistic molding strongly show through in their work.

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